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Always email and ask, if you have a question, a bespoke bag can be almost entirely customizable. 

Below are the most commonly asked questions.

1. Do you do Silver hardware and embossing ? - Yes! just mention it where you mention your lining choice. 

2. Can I have black lining ? - Absolutely, again just mention it at checkout. 

3. Can I have my order quickly? - Yes, to a certain degree, if you let me know the date I will do my best to reach it.

4. Are you stocked in any shops ?- Yes, Inc design in Oamaru check out their amazing store online.


Otherwise no, the nature of 12 leathers and 12 linings ect makes if very hard to stock shops. I do have my work room in West Auckland that you are welcome to come and visit though. 

5. Can I have a different strap width?  - Totally, there may be a change in price though, but just ask. 

6. Do you make custom bags, for example my favourite bag is dying, could you remake it? - Perhaps best idea is to send thru a few pics and details and I can make up a quote.

7. Do you ship to Australia? - Yes! and its free over $250 

8. Can you send me a few swatches? I'm finding it hard to decide on colours ect.   -Yes, there will be a courier charge, but I am more than happy to send 2 leathers and 2 lining cuttings out. if that helps the decision.

9. Are you doing any up coming markets? - ATM I only do the General collective Auckland Show grounds markets and maybe only 1-2 a year, this might change 

10. What product should I protect my bag with? - Do you know what, I'm not 100% sure on which exact products to recommend. There are so many out there, some are probably wonderful and some not so great, I haven't tried enough to have an opinion.